A New Website for Langi's Island Styles ... At Last!

Posted on December 04, 2012 | 0 Comments

After one year of tinkering, we are proud to launch the new and improved website and online store for Langi's Island Styles. Many thanks to our stunning models, Perise, Christian, Vi'i, Moshmi, and Sia; to the brilliant photography skills of Fiona; the excellent wordsmithing by Sia and Vi'i, and all the techy stuff by Geoff. I must also thank Christian and Ray for their Shopify and coding expertise.:)

The site is still very much in beta; there are lots of additional features and improvements planned for the future. We'd love your feedback on the website, both good and bad. Enjoy browsing/surfing the site! We hope you can make it to the shop in person one day.

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